Our Efforts:

Welcome to our Store where we have all of our heritage chicken breeds listed for sale.  It is our goal to inspire others to raise and preserve these rare and heritage chicken breeds.  Below is a list of our NPIP certified chicks, eggs, and juveniles.  We are one of a very few farms that offer these rare breeds under NPIP certification.  (For the foodies out there, see our premium pastured-poultry seasonal releases here).

Important Shipping Info:

We will begin shipping chicks approximately March 15th.  You may order before that time to secure your place in line.  Key information:

  1. -Shipping is included on all hatching egg orders;
  2. -We can ship a maximum of 18 chicks (2-3 weeks old) in a single box, so if you want more please email us directly for proper shipping calculations;
  3. -We can ship a maximum of two (2) pairs in a single box (2 cockerels, 2 pullets).  We can also ship a trio, but please email for specific shipping costs;
  4. -The price of a new Horizon shipping box is included in the shipping price;
  5. -We ship M-W outside of California, and M-Th in California;
  6. -The average wait time from order to receipt of chicks is about 6 weeks.  We are an artisanal farm, not a hatchery.  We think the quality of our birds and our efforts are worth the wait, and hope you will too;
  7. -If you need a specific ship date, please email us before placing your order.  Otherwise, you will be placed in the first available spot;
  8. -We will contact you after your order with an anticipated window of shipping.  We will contact you a second time 1-2 weeks before shipping;
  9. -These are live animals and so many variables affect our shipping schedule.  Please be patient with us and the birds.  We’ve ordered birds ourselves, we know the waiting is tough, and we will do what we can to put you at ease;
  10. -All chicks are 2-3 weeks of age at shipping, pairs and trios are 5-8 weeks;

Our Commitment to You:

We offer a 24 hour guarantee on all live shipments.  We also offer a no-fault guarantee 50% fertility on all hatching eggs.  We have rates nearly 95% here on the farm, but shipping can be tough on eggs.  However, we know what it’s like to spend good money on shipped eggs and have very poor results.  So we want to do our best to help you.  If for whatever reason, you don’t have 50% fertility at 15 days,  we will send a one-time replacement for any infertile eggs (up to 12), free of charge.  All we ask is that you pay the shipping for the replacement eggs.  Currently, we are unaware of any other farm that offers this level of commitment.

Finally, we hope this experience will be the beginning of a friendship.  We love hearing from our customers and talking chickens whenever we can.  We want you to be satisfied and hope you share your positive experience with others.

Blessings- Sunbird Farms


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