Our pastured-poultry provides and unparalleled dining experience.  Spending nearly their entire lives outdoors on our farm, our traditional methods bring out the best in these renowned gourmet birds.  Foraging on greens and grubs, these heritage hens get to stretch their wings, roam the range and soak up the sun.  It’s our slow, artisanal approach that develops the texture and tastes that have delighted gourmands for centuries.  Lost in today’s industrial approach to food, our birds invite customers to rediscover the flavors of the past and enjoy an unparalleled poultry experience.  Our “Sunbird Cellars” selections are grown to order, prepared by hand and delivered to you, creating the ultimate farm-to-table experience.  We are unaware of any other source that can offer you this level of quality and hand-crafted approach.

Sunbird Cellars allows you to purchase a share of these wonderful seasonal releases.  We grow them to order, and deliver to your area.  Delivery is included and a date and location will be scheduled as the next release becomes available.  Supplies are extremely limited due to the nature of our endeavor, please order early.  (Currently delivering to San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles and Visalia).

Each package will include enough whole chickens to equal the package weight purchased.

Current Schedule (2017):

Early Harvest“- Late May, early June (must order by March 15th)

All other selections– December (must order by April 1st)

Questions? Contact us at:

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