Bielefelder hatching eggs- 1 Dozen


The Bieledfelder is a massive dual-purpose breed, capable of reaching over 10lbs for the rooster.    Additionally, the hens are capable of laying nearly 200 large, brown eggs per year (some say closer to 230, but lets not get too carried away).  And why mess with pullet eggs when a Bielefelder hen will start with a large…not time to mess around.

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Bielefelder hatching eggs.  The Bielefelder (or Bielefelder Kennhünh) is the chicken’s chicken.  Developed in Germany in the early 1970’s by Gerd Roth, the Bielefelder is a fantastic example of American breeds and German ingenuity.  Although a relatively new breed, its makeup comes from heirloom American and European varieties, including the New Hampshire, the Amrock and Malines from Belguim.  The goal was to create a quiet, large, egg-laying machine that wouldn’t be affected by cold.  Oh, and did we mention they  are auto-sexing?  These birds are some of the most beautiful we’ve every raised.  Combine their productive qualities with their amazing looks and it’s easy to see why the quickly become a farm favorite.


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