Isbar hatching eggs- 1 Dozen


Isbar Hatching Eggs

If you’re looking for stunningly beautiful bird to lay gorgeous green eggs, you won’t find a better bird than the Isbar.  Laying up to 200+ eggs a year, they are sure to become a favorite for you just like they are for us.  Friendly, fantastic foragers, the Isbar is just about the most fun you can have with an egg-laying breed.

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Isbar Hatching Eggs

You’d be hard pressed to find a better layer to add to your backyard flock or small farm.  The Isbar was born American and English roots, combining genetics from Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire’s and Cream Legbars (with a dash of Australorp for good measure).  They have all the productive egg-laying attributes of these fine-feathered fowl, with the efficiency of a Leghorn.  And oh that beautiful green egg.  These lovely Blue, Black, Splash birds will keep you egg-basket full for half the cost of an Orpington, and twice the beauty.


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