Sunbird Cellars- Pastured Eggs, 1 Dozen


The best eggs money can buy.  Optimal taste, optimal nutrition, saving the world!

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Pastured Eggs.  Our egg-laying flock is made up of some of the most beautiful heirloom varieties of poultry on the planet.  Notably, many of these breeds are part of the Livestock Conservancy’s conservation list and others can be found on the Rare Breed Survival Trust’s Watch List for the United Kingdom, or Slow Food’s Ark of Taste.  What this means is that in addition to getting some of the most nutritious eggs available, you are also helping to support and preserve some of the most endangered and culturally important poultry in the world.

Our egg-laying flock includes American varieties like Dominiques, UK varieties like Sussex and Dorkings, and Continental varieties including Marans and Barbezieux.  Under the cover of our heirloom walnuts, these wonderful fowl experience the benefits of a natural environment, free to forage for grubs and greens.  In addition to pasture, we supplement with non-GMO, soy-free organic feed and whole grains, produced locally in Central California.  Clearly, we are trying to offer our customers something they can’t find anywhere else.  California Egg Handler #0637


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