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Sunbird Farms’ Bielefelders- “Huhnvergnügen”

In the 90’s Volkswagen introduced us to Fahrvergnügen.  They said this was the embodiment of the volkswagen experience, “driving enjoyment.”  Today we are hoping to introduce the world to a new term, “huhnvergnügen:” or “chicken enjoyment.”

Created in the “economic and cultural heart” of eastern Westphalia (the place, not the van), Germany’s own Gerd Roth set out to produce the ultimate chicken.  Bielefeld was called the “city of linen,” and was renown for its artisanal work in creating banknotes from velvet, silk and linen.  This same commitment to beauty and usefulness was evident in the creation of the Bielefelder Kennhünh.  Mr. Roth’s labor of love resulted in a chicken that some would say is unparalleled in the dual-purpose world.  Mr. Roth started with a foundation of the best dual-purpose stock available, American heritage breeds.  The Bielefelder is a combination of birds including the New Hampshire, Rhode Island Red, and Barred Rock.  These breeds helped to instill the Bielefelder with top-shelf meat capabilities, a large frame, prolific egg laying, and offspring that could be sexed at birth (auto-sexing).  The Bielefelder is truly a premier dual-purpose bird, combining the best of American production into a single bird.

This breed is truly outstanding.  Their Legbar coloring is a visual delight, and so is their docile nature.  These impressive roosters are inquisitive and confident, without any sign of aggression toward humans.  The hens are laborious in their pursuit of greens and grubs, not to mention their reported egg-laying prowess reaching as high as 230 eggs a year.  We believe they can only be described as the ultimate huhnvergnügen.  Maybe we can talk VW into including a Bielefelder pair with every purchase?


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