Hatching Eggs are Here!

Sunbird Farms has a limited number of our premium hatching eggs available.  If you’ve wanted to have your own starter flock of top-quality heritage breeds, but not had the resources to pay for live chicks, hatching eggs are a great way to get started.  Orders are quickly piling up, so contact us today if you’d like to reserve your very own.  Check out our Store for Niederrheiner, American Bresse and Sulmtaler hatching eggs today!

Second Saturday- January’s Plant, Pick and Prepare

Just a quick post to finish out our January edition of Plant, Pick and Prepare.  For our final Saturday Evening at Sunbird FarmsIMG_3265 in January, we had another delicious meal with family, centered around what is arguably my one culinary weakness…meatloaf.  We dined on in-season veggies from the farmer’s market like broccoli, arugula, onions and potatoes, along with wonderful grass-fed ground beef from Springville Ranch.   We paired the hearty dinner with wine from Jada Vineyard & Winery, our favorite stop for wine and cheese in Paso Robles, and a few fine IPA’s from Sierra Nevada Brewing.  Coffee and homemade brownies sealed the deal.  It was an all California dinner!

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The Newest Part of our American Bresse Program…

Soon to be all the rage in France, Sunbird Farms is now leading the way in our innovative American Bresse rearing program… no longer satisfied just to be “man’s best friend,” meet the new best friend of the pastured American Bresse flock:

Not content to be outdone by the truffle hogs of Europe, our Bresse have their very own walnut dog.

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A Plan for January… Saturday Evenings at Sunbird Farms

How many times have you gone to the Farmer’s Market and “oohed and aahed” over the wonderful offerings, only to find yourself at home without any idea what to do with that Romanesco broccoli, Buddha’s hand, and raw milk cheese curd.  It sounded so cool when you were there, right?  Or what about that first moment of spring when the local DIY rolls out the luxurious cart of greens, and you run home ready to plant a garden that Alice Waters would love, only a week later to throw away those little green plastic containers that now hold the brown and brittle remains of good intentions gone wrong.   We’ve all been there and it’s not pretty.

With the beginning of a new year, we’ve decided to make a better plan, a plan to help us in the garden, the market and the kitchen.  Each month we’re going to highlight what you should be planting in the garden (Zone 8), what you can expect to find at the Farmer’s Market and some delicious recipes to bring it all home.  We’re setting aside Saturday Evenings at Sunbird Farms as a night to share with friends and family, and we encourage all of you to look for one night a week that you can cook a wonderful meal at home, locally-sourced and in-season, and share it with loved ones.  Whether it comes from your garden or that of a local farmer, if everyone made just one meal at home from local produce, we would save 1 million barrels of oil a week, that’s barrels not gallons.  This is of course a work in progress, and we hope to be able to assemble a guide for an entire year at the end of 2015, so send us your comments and suggestions.  Here we go…

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Meaning What We Say… A Brief Primer on Label Claims and Our Practices

If you’ve been paying attention at all (Sacramento Bee), you know that some major changes are coming to the Egg Production Industry in California.  Proposition 2, and subsequent regulations, now mandate that all eggs produced or (important word) sold in California must come from chickens that are able to stand up, lay down, and spread their wings without touching their enclosure or another chicken.   Approved by more that 2/3’s of voters in 2008, the law becomes effective January 1, 2015, a little over a week from now.  While some are fearing a massive egg shortage (Washington Post), others are wondering just how much meaningful change this new law effect.  An informative story from NPR demonstrates the “reality” of many label claims currently associated with eggs, like “Farm Fresh.” Continue reading Meaning What We Say… A Brief Primer on Label Claims and Our Practices

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