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Give a cow for Christmas…seriously!

Wondering what to get for that person on your Christmas list that has everything…how about giving them nothing, and instead giving someone in poverty the gift of prosperity…a cow!  If you haven’t heard of Heifer International, then you’ve come to the right place.  At Sunbird farms, we love the idea of using agriculture to make the world better.  Perhaps no organization is doing this more effectively than Heifer International (see their video here).  As their website says, “for more than 70 years” Heifer has been empowering people to change their lives.  The concept is simple, they provide families in poverty with the tools to create productive lives.  One method is by providing productive livestock.  These animals provide a source of food (like milk), and a source of income (selling the excess).  Through their “12 Cornerstones for Justice and Sustainable Development,” they provide all the education, support and encouragement to help lift families out of poverty and hunger and into a sustainable life.  Are they successful?

From Poverty to Prosperity- Heifer International
From Poverty to Prosperity- Heifer International

Ask the nearly 21 million people they’ve helped so far.  And one of the coolest parts is that you can help too by “shopping” in their awesome catalogue that allows you to donate toward the purchase of these animals.  If this sounds like something you’d like to do this year, why not give the gift of a transformed life to your loved ones, but supporting Heifer International in their name.  You can follow this link to our “registry” where we are hoping to raise $500 for Heifer.  You can pick chickens, buy trees, a water buffalo, or even a heifer.  Join us!

Happy Holidays,

Sunbird Farms

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